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Visage Technique


VISAGE TECHNIQUE specialises in the development, manufacture, supply and application of practical and reliable solutions, to protect people and property against the threat of counterfeit and fraud. In addition, the organisation offers thorough information technology solutions and administrative support packages to financial sector institutions. The company is a diversified broad line supplier and service provider with a focus on high performance solutions for personal. Network access, enterprise, metro switch, agricultural, business methods, IT, environmental, health sector, transportation, communications system, construction, surveillance, telecommunications, integrated service and systems management applications.


Driven by unique requirements of each project the company undertakes, VISAGE TECHNIQUE draws on its depth of expertise and diversity of experience to deliver a broad range of security applications and solutions that use the latest in international technologies. Our services are of a superior distinction because the company guarantees first quality, service and excellence.


Supported by a consortium of top tier names in numerous forms of international technology, the company is a leading systems integrator. VISAGE TECHNIQUE has the ability to develop the right solution for every situation and the flexibility to respond to the evolving needs of our customers from the onset of a project to its conclusion.

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